Week Six

Optional Twitter Chat Tuesday 2/10 at 5 p.m.

Due Friday 2/20 9 p.m.:

Essential Question: 

How will data collection ‘look’ for me? What challenges am I anticipating? Post your Research Design (Plan) for peer feedback.

Post your response to the Essential Question on your blog. Your response this week will be a reflection of the data you have collected and the meaning you are making of that at at this time. Use Twitter to share your blog address with the #SEACCR community. Be certain to tag your blog entry as #SEACCR so that others may find it!

Due Sunday 2/22 by midnight:

Comment on the blogs of others. Help them to make sense of the data they have collected, and help them to see any biases in their analysis.

As you comment on the blogs of others, remember to serve as a Critical Friend. Do you see indications in the data that the person conducting the research might not have seen? Can you interpret their data through a different “lens” and thereby enhance their research? Critical Friends are rare – and are quite precious as we improve our practice through classroom research. Be a good Critical Friend to others – and this will be highly appreciated and will very much assist in their analysis and interpretation of data. It also helps us move beyond what we expect to find to a deeper understanding of our question.

Reflect on what you have learned and how you have helped other in the #seaccr PLN learn this week.

Due Monday 2/23 by 9 a.m.:

Post your Methods/Research design/Research plan to LiveText for my feedback. This is the final element in your proposal that is due next week.

Resources: http://drannejonesuas.wordpress.com/classroom-research/research-design-method-and-the-research-project-proposal/



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